Before we get started, let me just share that I am a survivor of really severe anxiety. I spent most of my teenage years struggling with it and had the pleasure of having it with me for over 10 years. Anxiety is not something that just goes away. It’s something that is part of you and evolves with you along your path.

It’s life force in a very uncomfortable form.


I’ve always told people that anxiety is like creative energy and often times it IS creative energy that is simply looking for a channel to move through. Just like when you’re searching for a channel on the radio, the scratchy ones are anxiety and when you hit a clear channel the anxiety transforms. So how do you practically get from the scratchy channel to the clear one?

One thing that has consistently worked for me is taking action.


This might feel counterintuitive because when we are feeling anxious we often want to find some way to relax, which is what I would physiologically recommend to do. I’m suggesting you find your calm through action and this is why. Anxiety is energy swirling around inside of you looking for a place to go, a doorway out, a release, so we need to find a constructive door to open for it. Anxiety is also what I call Vata energy (from Ayurveda) which in a nutshell means it’s all over the place… it’s flacky. Imagine Pheobe in friends! It needs a container, structure and a clear sense of direction, but it’s not time to climb Mount Everest. It’s looking for a simple channel to be funnelled into. Anything that will bring grounding and structure is great.

In my personal life this would look like doing laundry or organizing a drawer. Maybe even cooking something from a recipe that I’m following step by step. In my business it could look like sitting down to do my budget or planning out my week in an agenda. Actually any time I’m anxious about my business I sit down and do something really practical. I DO NOT try to do something life changing or inspirational. I first want to contain that crazy-ass energy before I go into something more meaningful.

Think of what you will choose like meditation in action.


Anxiety is something that runs or affects many of our lives so it’s so important to ground ourself before going out into the world or engaging in something more important. You’re not broken. It’s just energy that needs a purpose and a place to go. So next time this little friend creeps in, try to organize, structure or plan something and see what happens. You might just find a simple solution to tame this discomfort. Anxiety is uncomfortable and it feels icky, like sitting in a bath that has become tepid. Once that bath water is cold, do you stay and sit in it? My guess is no. Anxiety is the same thing.

Don’t just sit there in the ickiness of your cold bath water!


INJOY your day.



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