This is a community of women who are building and living their dream life.

Who are willing to do what it takes to bring their yearnings, dreams & visions to life. To live fully like we desire so that we can Injoy Living the life we wake up to every day!

Who want to do it alongside a tight knit community of other empowering & inspiring women who will support them along the way, share stories, resources and successes.

And who are looking for real, human connection with other powerful women!


Homegirls is an intimate community of women working to build the life and/or business of their dreams. A place where we help each other connect the dots of our yearnings. A space lead by Jennifer Jane Young, your dream caretaker. Jennifer is a mentor, a virtual business manager & strategic advisor.

It’s a place to co-work, co-mentor + share our stories & wisdom to help one another as we create the masterpiece that is our life. More specifically, Jennifer will be sharing her signature philosophy “The Art Of Making Things Happen” by helping to create a bridge between inspiration/ideas & making things happen through her personal experience and practical advice.

We be 100% human!

Virtual co-working sessions to cultivate focus & get stuff done together!


Expert coffee talks to hear other people’s stories and wise advice


Have fun, brainstorm and get creative together in our Facebook community

private to us

Offer connections to resources/people & guidance for your next steps

on demand

Women like us are a rare species…

Women like us refuse to ignore our yearnings
Women like us are unable to settle
Women like us want to be our own boss – BYOB
Women like us are big hearted-creative women
Women like us are searching for freedom of choice and time
Women like us need other women like us
Women like us are willing to do the work to bring our yearnings to life
Women like us are self made successful women
Women like us dream big
Women like us take risks
Women like us are lifelong learners
Women like us move mountains
Women like us are intuitive action takers
Women like us don’t let money get in the way of our dreams
Women like us lock arms and stay close
Women like us lead our own lives
Women like us don’t conform
Women like us want to give back to the world
Women like us want to leave a footprint
Women like us love coffee, wine and pizza
Women like us believe in connection

You might not be all of the above, but if you’ve recognized yourself in a few of those statements, you are definitely a Homegirl!.