The other day I read a really powerful and hilarious quote: “Man plans, God laughs”. This reminded me of the most important thing I’ve learned on my journey of building a business (or a life for that matter). The only thing that really matters is what’s happening today. Right here, right now. As much as we want to plan and strategize our life and our potential success, it can’t be engineered in advance.

To strategically go with the flow for me has been the most powerful and efficient practice that I’ve had. What it means is simple. Listen to your intuition, that gut feeling pulling inside of you and act on that. Your intuition is your strategic next step. Life speaks to you in many different ways, and one of those ways is by flowing through you to move you in certain directions in every moment. From showing you you’re hungry by making your stomach growl to giving you the inclination to take a specific action. Do you ever doubt that feeling when your stomach is growling? Probably not because you know it means that you’re hungry. So why would you doubt any other sensation that is speaking to you?

Without living life recklessly (although it can be tempting and fun to have that extra glass of wine some days), you can trust the wisdom in each moment of your life to guide you. I think it’s ok to have dreams and visions. I have tons of them, but what I’ve learned is to pay more attention to the feeling behind those dreams than to the form in which your mind is showing you when you have them. I used to dream so badly of owning a home. A comfortable home of my own, in the country, where my dogs would have space to run and play, to live more freely. I imagined a house in the mountains, far away from everything. Well two years ago, I moved to Mexico (no mountains to be seen). The image I had in that dream is not the image of my reality today, but the feeling I was craving in that dream IS. I’m now living in the feeling I was yearning for, just in a different package had envisioned. But the package is even better than what I could have imagined.

So if you want to lead your life in the most strategic way, lead it with your intuition. Tune into what’s pulling you forward (whether it makes sense or not). The dots might not be connecting right now, but trust me, they will ALL end up connecting at some point, and you’ll understand then. Until then, don’t worry about making the right or wrong choice. Just follow the trail of intuitive information that is coming to you in each moment.



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