Before we begin, I would like to plead 100% guilty to NOT doing this enough. I tend to need confirmation after confirmation before trusting myself to make the decision I know I need to make (or not make). We think that someone else knows better or that the right answer is outside of us, but it never really is.

We’ve got all the info we need in every moment.

The thing about this also is that we spend too much time fearing that we will make the wrong decisions and screw things up but there is nothing to screw up at all. I’ve had the biggest breakthroughs in messy decisions, the most clear insights in taking wrong turns so there is nothing to fear in making the right or wrong decision.

You can also take another decision after that one and correct course.

I don’t think it has to be black or white either, but I do believe there is something magical in sitting with a decision, an idea or a potential project by yourself for some time. I love running things by my team or my business BFFs because I get to see the situation from different angles, they help me see roadblocks that I might not have thought of BUT I’ve learned that it’s important to get really clear about how I feel about the situation or decision before asking for advice. I want to hear my intuition before anything else because if not, I’ll go into overthinking everything and doubting myself. 

 Choosing carefully who you talk to your projects or decisions about is also KEY in staying grounded with your own wisdom. I love my family and my partner to pieces but often times they are not the best people to talk to when it comes to my business life. Entrepreneurs have balls! We live so differently from other people. I always say that we are our own species. I was talking with a client the other day and she said to me “OMG lately I’ve been feeling like I’m bipolar”. I laughed and welcomed her into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s a crazy ass ride, we take giant risks, walk paths that not many others would and sometimes turn left when we told everyone we were going to turn right. So talking to a loved one who is working a 9-5 job and needs total stability and safety on a day to day basis is probably a formula for destroying all hope you had for your dreams and any confidence that was going to help you step forward. Their role is to love, support and protect you.

So better to take the leap then tell them after!

The purpose of this article is to remind you of HOW MUCH wisdom you have and that you are your best advisor. It’s not easy to take a leap or make a decision depending only on what you feel is right or not, but it’s necessary to living a life that is aligned with what YOU need and want. If you do things the other way around, you’re going to make decisions based on what OTHERS need and lead with their fears.

INJOY your life like you deserve it!



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