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Yearnings without practicality are dreams that end up haunting us. It's time to start Injoy Living!
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Hi! This is Jennifer. I’m here to help amazing humans like you live the life you are so deeply yearning for so you can INJOY LIVING each day you get to wake up to.

I had to fight for joy during many years of my life as I struggled with anxiety, confusion and fear of trusting my yearnings but I ended up creating (and still am) the version that keeps me connected to the flow of joy. My path has been entrepreneurship, yours might be something else, but what I know for sure is that we get to wake up each day and create the life we want to Injoy Living.

I am here, by your side as you create your masterpiece for a joyful life. As you roam through this site, you’ll discover different ways that I can help you start to Injoy Living the life you yearn for right now!

Jennifer Jane Young

Founder, Injoy Living

The art of making things happen is a place to help you better understand yourself and your experience so that you feel more grounded, aligned and fulfilled moving forward.

I’m your host, Jennifer Jane Young and the founder of Injoy Living. I’m here to support your yearnings and facilitate your next steps forward with practical inspiration so you can Injoy living the masterpiece that is YOUR unique life.

I’m a mentor who cultivates purposeful, inspiring and joyful living and an online business manager helping entrepreneurs live their dreams.

I hope my stories and lessons learned from my life, will help you find clarity in yours. INJOY!

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Beth Kempton Wabi Sabi
letting go

“The actions you are not willing to take, or the decisions you are not willing to make, are the ones that will change your life.”

Jennifer Jane Young

Why our world is falling apart

Today I'm coming from a place of feeling really heartbroken. I rarely write from this state. I usually share my thoughts and insights when I'm out of it with a clear and inspiring insight. Something that drives me to make a change, but for some reason, it feels like I...

Make decisions quietly before you tell the world

Before we begin, I would like to plead 100% guilty to NOT doing this enough. I tend to need confirmation after confirmation before trusting myself to make the decision I know I need to make (or not make). We think that someone else knows better or that the right...

Why I can’t wait to get older

I’ve always craved being older than my current age, at every moment of my life. Every since I was a little girl, I would dream to be grown-up. There was something in getting older that represented fulfillment and success to me. I remember when there would be family...


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