Coaching together is like…

Chatting over a cup of coffee with a close friend

Coaching together is like…

Chatting over a cup of coffee with a close friend

Inspiration and contentment are feelings that we ALL wake up and crave each day of our life, but as I’ve so deeply experienced, it’s not always easy to stay connected with.

From a young age, I began struggling with things that would interrupt my joy or keep me from feeling content. From anxiety to feeling confused about what I would do with my life to not knowing how to channel my skills and creativity.

One thing I’ve learned is that being in the flow with life is what helps me to Injoy Living each day.

I’ve called this strategy that I created for myself – The Art Of Making Things Happen – It’s about knowing when it’s time to create Intention (reflect and contemplate), when it’s time to take Action (do something or make decisions) and when it’s time for Letting Go (step back and let life do it’s magic). This is a very intuitive process and it requires you to listen attentively to what is being asked of you in each moment. The things is, it’s not always easy to listen by ourself, because our mental chatter gets in the way!

See me as your mentor. Someone who listens deeply and guides intuitively and strategically based on my own personal experience and skills.

I help you see things that you can’t, believe in parts of yourself that you’re not confident about, understand how to work with your fears and most importantly know how to practically move forward towards what you are so deeply yearning for.  My clients have often said that working with me is like having a coach, a therapist and an intuitive guide all in one session!



  1.  I offer you bi-weekly, 60 minute coaching sessions
  2. You have access to me via chat (iMessage or Whatsapp) in between sessions for extra support & guidance
  3. I’m your connector, helping you connect with the people, resources and education that you need using my 20 years of experience in personal development and wellness (I’m a trained Yogatherapist) and 10 years as an entrepreneur.
  4. Sometimes I pull tarot or angel cards (because I love using these tools as extra guidance when it feels right)
  5. I offer you practical strategies to take steps forward, make things happen, heal or get clarity, depending on what you need in each moment



We sign on together for 3 months at a time at a monthly recurring payment of

$650 USD/month



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