Women love women. Women need women. And when they come together there is a magic that happens that can’t happen in any other circumstance of life. We understand in each in a way that no one else can understand us. We connect in a way that is unique to us. When you’re having a difficult moment, who is the first person you want to talk to? One of your gals! Maybe your mom, your best friend or even your tarot reader. She’s the person who gets you, always, and even when she doesn’t, she knows how to remind you of how perfect you are.

When I think of the women I have in my life, there is no other word that would better describe how I feel about them than proud. I love the women of my life. Each and every one of them are like a trophy to me, that I cherish deeply. These ladies are the ones that have seen me at my rawest, who have picked me up in pieces, who have cheered me on when I was trying to reach my goals. They have been my greatest teachers and are what make up the quality of my life. They were the hardest thing to leave behind when I left Canada to come live in Mexico.
I generally like to keep a tight knit clan of women in my life, but moving to Mexico has forced me to meet new people, make new friends, build new partnerships. It was hard at first because all I wanted was my crew. My girls. But every time I meet a new woman, I’m amazed at her uniqueness and awesomeness. Some days I dream of my business being so big, that they could ALL work with me, because I love them so damn much.
Who are the ladies that remind you that everything is gonna be alright, like Bob Marley says? I’m not going to ask you to make a list and connect with all of them to catch up on time. There is nothing to catch up with the true ladies of your life. I just want you to sit and think of them. Simmer in the amazing feeling that fills you up when you think of your female clan. And when you do see them next time, or text them or talk on the phone, really take it all in. INJOY the moment and be fully present with this amazing female-being that you are so lucky to have in your life.
I’ve had friends popping back into my life lately that I haven’t seen in so long, but that have been dear friends for over 15 years. My best friend from elementary school messaged me this week on Facebook to tell me that she dreams of me often. My heart swelled just knowing that our connection is so strong, that even if we never get to see each other, we’re always on each others subconscious mind. Friendship is priceless. Cherish it all because friends are family at the end of the day.
To all my women out there (you know who you are), I love you!

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