I’ve always craved being older than my current age, at every moment of my life. Every since I was a little girl, I would dream to be grown-up. There was something in getting older that represented fulfillment and success to me. I remember when there would be family dinners, I would always want to be with the adults, instead of playing with the kids.

I couldn’t wait to be grown up enough to have a glass of wine with my mom and her girl friends.

I specifically remember one evening being at my aunts house. The kids were downstairs in the playroom and the adults were upstairs chatting and drinking wine. I felt so out of place downstairs with the kids. I was just entering my teenage years then. Feeling too old to be with the kids but too young to be with the adults, it was as if I had no place to be and I was between 2 realities (like Janice’s void in The Good Place!). I wanted so badly to go upstairs and listen to their stories so I could feel like one of them. So I finally went upstairs to ask my mom if I could join them. I was so embarrassed to invite myself, but as usual, my mom greeted me and encouraged me to come with open arms.

My god did I ever feel proud to be sitting there with the big kids!


Tonight as I’m sitting at home watching “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” for the millionth time I was contemplating my motivation for watching this movie so many times. Simultaneously I started to wonder why I had watched “It’s complicated” so many times as well. Then it hit me. I’m inspired by older people, constantly. And both of these movies show people in the 4th or 5th act of their lives really settling into themselves. The wisdom that comes with having lived a long life (or at least longer than mine) is so beautiful to my eyes. I love how older people can really slow down and INJOY a cup of coffee without thinking of anything else. How their internal rhythm is slow enough for them to notice all the small details of life. How they have the capacity to really do the things they love without feeling guilty. Or how they take their time to appreciate a meal without looking at their phone. Their presence is so grounded and infused with joy, which is something  I’ve been striving to embody my whole life.
I’m 35 now and I can’t wait to be 40. I’ve always heard that at 40, life gets so much easier because you really know who you are and what is important to you. You don’t feel guilty taking care of yourself and you actually DO care for yourself before anything else. You’re confident in anything you take on and make clear, conscious choices to support your happiness.

Older is wiser and I will always take more wisdom in my life.


There is so much beauty in aging. It seems like the older we get, the more we can see our soul shine through us. There are less and less barriers blocking our essence. I can’t wait to get older. I think it’s a gift, but I’m going to challenge myself (and you) to embody all those qualities right now, no matter how old you are.
INJOY your life like you deserve it. Put your phone down. Write the book you’ve been dreaming of writing. Eat your meals mindfully. Whatever you dream of being, be it now!
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