Today I’m coming from a place of feeling really heartbroken. I rarely write from this state. I usually share my thoughts and insights when I’m out of it with a clear and inspiring insight. Something that drives me to make a change, but for some reason, it feels like I need to write about this particular topic, in the state I’m currently in.

I’m simmering in discouragement about the world we live in. It’s a beautiful world and it has so much potential, but it’s also simultaneously falling apart. Pain, judgement and selfishness is breaking it into pieces. What brought me to this state of discouragement today was an accumulation of multiple events. I began with the man in the parking lot this morning screaming and honking at me from his parking because he wanted to parking space that I was in front of to the video I saw go by on Facebook of the lieutenant severely maltreating a dog he was training, to the lawyer who didn’t show up to a meeting we had. The realization I came to today from witnessing all these things was the people are taking action from their broken places. From the places where there is pain and suffering.

This is my perception now that I’m calm, sitting at home, writing this article for you but at first it felt more like “No wonder this damn world is falling apart. No one has their shit together”. This brought me back to the years when I was doing my Yogatherapy training. My teacher used to remind us over and over again that everything starts with us. That is each person just took care of themselves, they could then take care better of their family, then their family would create a better society which would then create a better world. Today, I could not agree more. It’s the “put your mask on first if the airplane crashes” concept.

Each and every individual could take better care of themselves and I think that, that is what I want to inspire today. So many of us don’t because we think it’s egocentric or that we are being greedy to want self-care. What a huge misconception. Taking care of ourselves first is us being socially responsible because we won’t be showing up to the world so broken. Broken humans = world wide disasters and an epidemic of suffering that just keeps poisoning the next person on our path.

When I saw the man maltreating the dog, I initially was filled with rage and thought that man deserves a real beating himself but then I saw where his actions were coming from. They were coming from his pain and his broken pieces. So if I judged him and hoped for more pain, I was in a way cooperating in what he was doing. What this man needs is to heal and take care of himself and that is what someone needs to inspire him to do because if not, he’s just going to keep doing what he’s doing.

The word INJOY in the company name is not random. It stands for everything I believe in about how every human being deserves to wake up and INJOY their life. I think it’s so important that we build a life that makes us happy and that allows us to do the things that will lift us up, which will then inevitably lift up others. Doing what you love is taking care of yourself. So take care of yourself and that will inspire others to take care of themselves and the wave will continue.



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